Easy Breakfast Poptarts

Are you looking for a delicious, protein packed, grab and go breakfast? Well, look no more! These delicious breakfast “poptarts” can be thrown together in under ten minutes and are perfect for meal prep as well.



1 serving Josephs Lavash Bread

1 egg, whisked

1 slice Columbus Hickory Smoked Turkey Bacon, chopped

1/2 Serving Velveeta Shreds


  1. Lightly coat pan with cooking spray and cook bacon to desired wellness
  2. Add egg and cook through
  3. Place egg and bacon on one half of lavash bread and add cheese on top
  4. With your fingertips, lightly coat edges of lavash bread with water, fold in half, and press the edges together with a fork until the lavash bread is completely sealed on all sides
  5. Place frying pan on stove, on medium to high heat, lightly coat with cooking spray and cook poptart on each side for about 2 minutes or until crispy


These can be made with egg whites as well to cut down on fats and calories. Fill them with your favorite veggies, potatoes, and meats!